About Us

Blanco paints. Maj sews.  WE CREATE CUSTOM ONE OF ONE GARMENTS. Our clothing is much more than just clothing. Our clothing is ART. Our clothing is our LOVE. We live in a world where we are taught to hate; not only others but ourselves. People are not living for themselves. Some don't dream. Their minds get trapped into being chained and their eyes lose sight of their hearts desires only way to beat this monstrosity is by LOVE. It's by BEING KIND, SHARING IDEAS, ART, MUSIC, CULTURE, BEAUTY, HAPPINESS, KNOWLEDGE AND WEALTH. By making ones dreams come true it inspires another and gives them power to become their own super hero. We want our clothing to EMPOWER THE INDIVIDUAL who wears them. We consider our CLOTHING ARMOR for the faceless war we are up against. DREAM WITH US.



BLANCO is a nickname. Painting gives me freedom. I am constantly searching for new ways to reinvent myself. To me, fabric is the gift of a blank slate. An old skin is shed after every mural. The love that gave us our wings is what we hope to give back to you. Darling, you are a masterpiece. FLY.


MAJ derives from the Majic in which I create. With every creation of every piece, I'm taken on a different adventure. I hope these pieces encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and allow you to experience your own adventures. Let our pieces take you on a journey filled with magic and discovery.

We were two broken pieces living without a purpose. Painting and sewing were our therapies for our nightmares. One day we came together and became whole. We met sophomore year in college and by coincidence we were in the same art course. We weren't the greatest of friends. We only worked together but as we worked a friendship formed and we became sisters. We discovered the magic that paint and fabric created when intertwined. And so we climbed mountains, swam oceans, traveled past horizons to make our dreams come true. Under suns over moons we continue to paint and sew.