About Us

Blanco Paints. Maj Sews. We met in college at Framingham State in an art class. We began collaborating and finding ourselves. Our sisterhood developed with each piece we made. We've came along way from where we started and have fallen in love with the journey of how each piece arises. 

 Art has always been therapy for us. Creating is our form of escape when the world stops making sense. Every piece is a triumph over struggle. We flip our negative circumstances into garments of balance and harmony.

 Mother Nature is one of our biggest sources of inspiration. We respect and love our planet. Our artworks are created by earth conscious decisions. All pieces are upcycled in an attempt to heal our home. 

 Our garments are designed to make you feel like the one of a kind masterpiece you are. 

Blanco: @besosdegriselda  Maj: @theworldofmaj